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Picking The Best Debt Company

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is combining some or all unsecured debts into a single loan, usually resulting in a lower interest rate and/or lower monthly payment. While many consolidation companies don’t provide a consolidation loan, they do offer consolidation services, which mirror the single payment consolidation – minus the loan. Clients enroll all of their unsecured credit accounts to a debt management program (DMP) and make a single payment to the company of choice. Negotiators or arbitrators reach out to creditors to create a monthly payment plan suitable for client’s budgets. Each month, the consolidation company splits the payment between creditors and keeps a portion as their payment.

These plans vary in length with many aiming to get clients out of debt within 12-48 months. We advise seeking a company willing to put in extra effort to resolve debt in fewer than 36 months.

Debt Resolution

Debt resolution is the process of reducing the total amount of debt owed to creditors by a percentage. Debt resolution companies typically only take on unsecured debt types and negotiate with creditors to resolve a debt for around 50 percent of what was originally owed.

We recommend customers only seek debt resolution services as an alternative to bankruptcy and if debt management, debt consolidation, or credit counseling services are no longer viable options.

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