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Trinity Debt Management


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Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit Christian debt agency that offers an in-depth debt management program along with other financial services like credit counseling to families and individuals who are struggling with long-term debt.

While Trinity Debt Management lists several services available on their website as being available to help with consumer debt, after talking to the personal financial coach, we were told that the bulk of their business and emphasis is on credit counseling services, rather than credit consolidation or debt resolution.

In addition to credit counseling services and debt resolution services, the company provides housing counseling and student loan services.


Free Consultation

Potential clients can get a freel consultation with Trinity Debt Mangement’s certified credit counselors.

These counselors can give advice on each individual’s debt/financial situation, as well as an overview of the debt management program and other debt services the company provides. It is completely free and comes before any up-front fees.

The company label’s the free consultations as a “Free Debt Analysis”. They also request that an initial application with general information is filled out for a counselor to follow up with consumers within one business day.

Name, residence, phone, and each creditor will be on the initial application.

Client Education

The company focuses on educating their clients on money management and helping them take control of their financial situation. While TDM is a Christian debt consolidation agency, you do not have to follow their beliefs to use the debt management program.

They offer a decent amount of educational materials and resources.

Financial resources include links on the following subjects: budgeting, credit report and credit score, bank rate and financial information, credit bureau, credit card information, credit and debt, government agencies, homeowner’s guide, insurance, and more.


TDM’s employees are not CPFC certified, but they are all certified credit counselor through the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals. Trinity Debt Management is also ISO 9001 Certified.

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No Online Dashboard

Trinity Debt Management does not offer an online dashboard to its customers. Their customers can monitor the status of their debt through monthly bills they receive from their creditors.

Lack of Accreditations

Despite being in business for over 23 years, Trinity is missing the fairly standard NFCC accreditation. Accreditations show a commitment to best industry practices and guarantee a certain level of quality in a company’s services.

Lack of Transparency

Trinity Debt Management fees are unknown. They don’t disclose the range of interest rates, months fees, or up-front costs for any of its services. They also do not disclose the states in which they operate.

Our Recommendation

Trinity Debt Management is known as a Christian-based, non-profit organization and counseling agency. The Trinity Debt Management program includes a financial analysis, a monthly payment, and more.

The company offers several services including credit counseling services, debt management services, housing counseling, and student loan services.

The non-profit organization also offers a free credit consultation and educational resources. However, Trinity Debt Management does not provide an online dashboard, lacks transparency, and does not have as many accreditations as other debt management companies.

If you are interested in Trinity Debt Management services, we recommend that you conduct your own personal debt management plan research and read several Trinity Debt Management reviews in order to see if Trinity Debt Management is the right debt resolution program for you.

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