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Rescue One Financial


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What is Rescue One Financial? A debt resolution company that frames itself as an alternative to bankruptcy. The company works with your debtors to resolve for a fraction of what you owe.
Who is this program for? This debt resolution program is for people who are either already delinquent on their accounts, or who are not able to meet their monthly payment. This program helps with unsecured loans, credit cards, medical bills, and autos in repossession.
How long will it take? Program takes 24-48 months to complete.
How much will I save? Rescue One will work with your creditors to resolve your enrolled debts for an average of 50% of what you owed. After their fees, you end up paying 68-85% of what you owed.
How must will it cost? 18-35% of the debt you enroll.


Industry Accreditations

Rescue One financial has AFCC accreditation and has recently added the IAPDA and AFCC accreditations, showing a commitment to good business practices

Types of Services & Education Available

They offer many services including consumer loans with affordable rates, business loans, debt resolution services, debt management and debt counseling for those who want to make sure they avoid similar financial strains in the future.

They offer some debt education to those in debt or worried that they may end up there again in the future. Those who are interested in debt education should express so during the initial consultation.

Multiple Payment Options

Rescue One Financial has multiple monthly payment options you can choose from to customize your account to fit your budget and debt management plan.

You can also speak to a financial consultant to help you determine which debt resolution and/or debt management plan is best for you before making your decision on which payment plan to go with.

Rescue One’s debt reduction program ranges between two and four years.

This makes for a quick debt resolution program and helps you get out of financial hardship faster than if you were to wait to pay your debts off at a slower pace.


Complaints and Reviews

Rescue One Financial Reviews say the company reaches out to people to work with them.

Often their advertising tactics are confusing and vague. Some reviewers have applied to work with Rescue One Financial, been turned down, and then see a negative effect on their credit. Overall, people experience unclear communication and expectations of the company.

High Fees

Rescue One Financial charges up to 35% of the total debt you enroll to use their services. For example, if you enroll $40,000 of credit card debt, you’ll pay Rescue One $15,750 max.

Similar debt resolution programs charge a max of 25%. You may also pay a minimum fee of 18% of the total debt you enroll. The amount you are charged depends on what state you are in and how much debt you have.

Our Recommendation

Rescue One Financial is a younger company with mixed consumer reviews. With a high minimum debt requirement and costly fees, we recommend going with a more reputable company such as Freedom Debt and Pacific Debt Inc.

Top Lenders Rescue One Financial Works With

Capital One, Wells Fargo, Synchrony Bank, Citi Bank, AMEX, Bank of America, Discover, OneMain Financial, USAA, Lending Club, Prosper, and Best Egg.

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