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OneMain Financial


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OneMain Financial is an online lending organization that offers auto loan options and personal loan lending options in addition to debt consolidation loan services. OneMain Financial offers a fairly straightforward lending process. Customers can get a free consultation, complete their loan application online, then meet with a loan specialist, and start the process.


Free Consultation

OneMain Financial offers a free consultation with a credit/ loan specialist for prospective new clients. This free consultation can help potential customers get a feel for what the OneMain Financial loan has to offer.

No Minimum Debt Requirement

There is no minimum debt the company will handle, but as with any lender, the loan amount is based in part on the credit worthiness and loan application of the borrower.


No Cancellation Policy

Since a OneMain Financial loan can’t be canceled once granted, and since a debt consolidation loan is the only debt resolution product offered by this institution, there is no need for a cancellation policy.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Debt consolidation loans do not have the same refund policy personal loans or other loan options hold. There is no money-back guarantee associated with a debt consolidation loan. However, personal loans have a 14-day policy – if the money is returned, there will be no penalty. After 14 days, consumers are tied to the loan through the term length.

Lack of Accreditations

OneMain Financial does not appear to have standard industry accreditations such as AICCA, NFCC, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditations.

Lack of Transparency

OneMain Financial does not disclose monthly payment amounts, upfront fees, or annual percentage rate/ interest rates.

Poor Customer Reviews

The majority of OneMain Financial reviews are negative on our site. Reviewers typically complain that their debt consolidation loan actually requires collateral and that it brings higher interest rates. They also agree that the customer service representatives are difficult to work with.

Limited Services

In terms of debt resolution, OneMain Financial’s only product is the debt consolidation loan. They do not offer any other debt management products and services. In fact, the company focuses more on their personal loan options and auto loan options instead of its debt consolidation loan services.

Those interested in the company’s debt consolidation loan services should keep in mind that collateral may be required to qualify, based on the customer’s pre-loan circumstances. They do not do any type of debt negotiation, debt resolution or adjustments with creditors, nor do they re-age unsecured loan/debt obligations.

Our Recommendation

OneMain Financial has been in business for an impressive amount of time and offers a debt consolidation loan option for customers who are dealing with long-term debt problems.

The company offers a free consultation, a helpful online dashboard, and does not have a require a minimum debt amount. Unfortunately, the company does not offer other debt resolution options other than its debt consolidation loan.

OneMain Financial also does not have a money-back guarantee, cancellation policy, accreditations, and there have been a few negative customer reviews. We do not recommend OneMain Financial for debt consolidation.

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