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Global Client Solutions LLC is a third-party payment processor for consumers going through debt resolution. The online platform was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This is not a debt resolution company. It just processes payments for consumers that are enrolled in outside debt resolution programs. The purpose is to help people resolving their credit card debt with an account to help save money and have monthly payments automatically distributed.

Many consumers will come across this company when working with another debt management company. For example, National Debt holds consumer funds at Global a resolution offer is reached with the debt collector or credit card company that the customer owes. Read on for pros and cons, plus Global Client Solutions reviews from customers.

The Good

Dedicated Account

Global Client Solutions provides consumers with an online dedicated account for making loan payments to creditors. It can be accessed anytime day or night. This savings account allows consumers to safely accumulate, disburse, and track funds for debt resolution purposes. All accounts established through Global Client Solutions are fully insured by the FDIC.

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The Bad

  • Complaints & Reviews
  • No Debt Negotiation or Resolution Services
  • Illegal Upfront Fees
  • Numerous Processing Fees
  • Website Transparency

Complaints & Reviews

Global Client Solutions reviews on Best Debt Companys are mostly negative – the company is rated 1.4 out of 10. The biggest complaint about Global Client Solutions appears to be customer service – no ability to get ahold of a live person and a slow response rate.

No Debt Negotiation or Resolution Services

Global Client Solutions does not offer negotiation services to help consumers reduce the total amount of debt owed. You will still need another company to help negotiate and get resolution offers from your creditors.

Illegal Upfront Fees

Global Client Solutions was charged with an enforcement action in 2014 from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB claimed that the company allegedly charged consumers illegal upfront fees since late 2010. Global Client Solutions was asked to stop all illegal activity and pay consumers over $6 million in resolution and $1 million in civil penalties.

Numerous Processing Fees

Global Client Solutions has received numerous complaints, including a 2011 lawsuit regarding numerous service fees on the company’s special purpose accounts. Plaintiffs stated that signing a special purpose account application authorized the company to charge a one-time account fee of $9, a $9.85 monthly service charge, and a $15 fee per wire transfer. Other various fees were also involved.

Website Transparency

The Global Client Solutions website contains very little information about the company, its fees, and practices. It is basically a site with contact information to help you get in touch with the customer service, sales, and support teams, or login to access an existing consumer account. It doesn’t even let Google crawl to create a page description.

The Bottom Line

Due to the significant legal problems, high costs, and the fact that this company merely processes payments, rather than offering to negotiate for consumers, we recommend going with a more reputable debt resolution company such as Freedom Debt, and Pacific Debt Inc.

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