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What is FTDR? This review is for Fast Track Debt’s debt resolution services. In addition to debt resolution, the company also offers help with debt consolidation, credit counseling, paying monthly minimums, and bankruptcy.
Who is this program for? People with $10k to $100k in unsecured debts.
How long will it take? FTDR’s program takes 1-3 years for people to complete (become debt free).
How much does FTDR charge? FTDR does not disclose their fees. Other sources report that FTDR charges 15-45% of the debt you enroll.


Free Debt Resolution Quote

In order to receive a free debt resolution consultation, consumers can either call Fast Track or enter in their full name, phone number, email address, state, the total amount of unsecured debt, and a brief statement about their housing situation in an online form. Once this form has been submitted, a representative should get in touch within 24 hours.

Customized Debt Payoff Programs

Debt management services aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and Fast Track understands this. That’s why customers can contact a credit counselor to discuss bankruptcy and resolution options.

Positive Customer Reviews

To its credit, Fast Track Debt reviews are positive, on average. Customers have expressed appreciation for the customer care given by Fast Track Debt’s customer service team.

Credit and Debt Education

Fast Track’s website offers a fair amount of information about consumer debt and the different strategies people take to become debt free.

Along with the information listed under the tabs about debt management and debt resolution, the site has a “general” section, as well as a newsletter.

The monthly newsletter is titled “The Road to Financial Freedom”, and it offers a wealth of information about budgeting, managing debt, and using money wisely. Each edition is about five pages long. The monthly newsletter appears to only have been part of Fast Track’s business operations for two years since the listed editions are for 2008 and 2009.

The “General” section of Fast Track’s website shows a list of topics that are all about debt but can be hard to sort through when determining their services.


High Minimum Debt Threshold

Clients need a minimum of $10,000 in qualified and unsecured debt to be eligible for Fast Track Debt’s debt resolution program.

No Industry Accreditations

Most companies in the debt resolution industry have accreditations with all or a portion of the IAPDA and the AFCC, indicative of a commitment to quality policies and customer service. Fast Track Debt currently has no accreditations top lend credibility. This is worrisome.

Lack of Information on Website

Fast Track’s website shows many different tabs with information on debt resolution and debt management, but the tabs are hard to navigate and do not offer a very clear picture of what Fast Track actually does for consumers struggling to pay credit card debt or medical bills.

It doesn’t list terms or cancelation policies for its resolution or consolidation programs. While other sites list some sort of money back guarantee, this provider does not.

Our Recommendation

Fast Track Debt offers a few different financial services, including debt consolidation, debt resolution, and credit counseling to help consumers take control of their money and credit situation.

That is great, but unfortunately, little information is provided about actual service agreement terms or upfront fees. Customers will have to contact the company for a tailored debt management program and quote.

We recommend calling FTDR to find out what their fees are. We also recommend comparing them to the top debt resolution companies.

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