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DMB Financial provides clients a $1,000 guarantee should an enrolled debt not become resolved. Clients may opt out of the program at any time without any fees. According to one program consultant, any money that had accrued into the bank account they set up will go directly back to the client.

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Limits on Enrollment

DMB will only enroll accounts that they know they can resolve, meaning not all unsecured debt types qualify. Also, they will not accept clients into the program for longer than 60 months, as the risk of litigation is too strong.

Negative DMB Financial Reviews

Currently, there are no positive reviews of DMB Financial on Best Debt Companys. The company’s average customer rating is 0.5 out of 10. We recommend reading over these reviews before committing to use DMB Financial. DMB Financial customers complain that the company is slow to resolve debts, take out fees when no work has been completed, and they don’t communicate.

Undisclosed Information

  • Location. This program is not available nationwide. The company says they are not available in Georgia and “other states”. To determine if they are an option for debt resolution where you live, you can give them a call, or you can browse our top debt resolution companies to see what states they are in.

  • Cost. Debt resolution companies charge a percentage of the debt clients enroll with them. Usually, this fee ranges between 15-30%. DMB Financial does not list what their fee is.

  • Savings. Similarly, large debt resolution companies can give you an average of how much they’ll save you. For example, some companies resolve debts at 50% of what is originally owed. This information is not shared by DMB Financial.

  • Creditor Relationships. Large debt management companies have relationships with the biggest creditors (banks and credit card companies). DMB Financial does not list what creditors or debt collectors they have worked with in the past, so potential consumers can’t see if DMB can help their particular situation.

Our Recommendation

Although some clients might benefit from their services, we recommend other qualified debt management company such as Freedom Debt (rated 9/10) or Accredited Debt (rated 9.7/10).

DMB Financial FAQs

What does DMB Financial do?

DMB Financial negotiates credit card debt down to lower fees on behalf of their clients. These debt resolutions are reached once your account is delinquent and has gone into debt collection. Instead of continuing to monthly payments on your credit cards, DMB Financial will have you set up a savings account that you deposit money into monthly.

That money that you set aside will be used to pay off your credit card balance at a fraction of what you actually owe, without further interest.

Since 2003, the company has managed over $1 billion in debt and helped 30,000+ people become debt free. DMB Financial is not a law firm, but they do employee attorney’s to help with debt resolution.

Many debt management companies also offer debt consolidation, credit counseling, bankruptcy, and sometimes even tax debt resolution. It does not appear that DMB Financial offers any of these services.

To get started, DMB Financial offers free consultations to determine if a debt management program is right for you.

What are DMB Financial’s fees?

DMB Financial’s debt resolution program is 100% performance-based so they only earn their fee when an account has been resolved. There are no up-front fees of any kind, however, a $34.95 monthly administration and client services fee is charged.

How much debt can enroll in their debt resolution program?

According to representatives, there have been clients enrolled with as little as $10,000 and as much as $150,000.

What industry accreditations do they have?


How long does the program take?

On average, debts are resolved in 36-48 months.

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