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Wondering if CuraDebt is the right debt management company for you? Here’s a glance at their debt management program:

About CuraDebt
What do they do? CuraDebt’s primary focus is debt management. They also offer debt consolidation and tax resolution services
Who is this program for? Debt resolution is for people who are falling delinquent on their accounts or can’t make their minimum payments on unsecured debts. Your overall debt must be $5k to enroll.
Are they in my state? Not available in CT, DE, GA, KS, MT, ND, OR, PA, SC, VT, WA, WV, WY.
How long will it take? 2-4 years
How much will it cost? 20% of the debt you enroll (ex: you enroll $40k, CuraDebt charges $8k). Average savings are not disclosed.


Low Fees

CuraDebt offers competitive pricing, charging only 20% of a client’s debt for their debt management services. This price is slightly lower than most industry prices we have seen. Like many other debt management companies, CuraDebt also offers a free debt resolution consultation. The 20% fee is paid as your debts are resolved.

Easy to Qualify

Of note is the fact that they take on smaller dollar cases as low as $5,000 in unsecured debt, allowing more people to use their debt services than many competing debt management companies would. Most debt resolution companies require a minimum debt of $10,000 to enroll in their program.

CuraDebt Consumer Reviews

The CuraDebt reviews on BestCompany.com are overwhelmingly positive, with customer’s rating them at an average of 4.8 out of 5. Some common themes of these positive reviews include:
  • Attentive customer service
  • Easy, well explained process
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Transparency Issues

One of our concerns with CuraDebt relates to transparency. The debt management company is filed in Nevada but has no offices in the state. Instead, they list an address on their website in Hollywood, Florida in a building owned by Regus. According to Regus, a company that rents virtual and physical office spaces. While the company does have some ties to the U.S., it appears that most of their operation is located in Columbia.

Small Company

According to the company’s website and LinkedIn, CuraDebt has less than 10 employees. This is a very small company compared to some of the top debt resolution companies (with 200+ employees). The more employees a company has, the more time and resources they have to dedicate to your account.

Not Available in All States

CuraDebt is only available in 37 U.S. states. They do not work with debt resolution cases in the following states:
State Availability
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Kansas
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • Negative CuraDebt Reviews

    While most of the reviews for CuraDebt are positive, there have been a handful of negative reviews left about the company in 2019 on Best Debt Companys. These reviewers are upset about the fees and cost of CuraDebt.

    There are also a few mentions that the program took longer than the company originally promised.

    Our Recommendation

    On paper, CuraDebt appears to have all of the right things: competitive pricing, accreditations, a money back guarantee, and 15 years in the debt resolution business.

    However, the debt company’s low number of employees and confusing physical location make us concerned about its legitimacy. At this time, we do not recommend CuraDebt at this time.

    CuraDebt FAQs

    Are they accredited?

    This is one of the longest-running debt resolution companies in the industry. CuraDebt has been helping people get out of tough financial situations since 2000. The debt resolution company holds certificates with major industry accreditations, including the AFCC and the IAPDA.

    What types of debts do CuraDebt work with?

    CuraDebt works with unsecured debts. The most common unsecured debts include credit cards, medical bills, business loans, personal loans / lines of credit, and repossessions. CuraDebt says they work with certain secured debts – they are one of the only debt resolution companies who claim this. The company also works with tax debt, lawsuits, and student loans in some cases.

    How Much Does CuraDebt cost?

    No fees are charged upfront. On average, clients are charged 20% of the total debt enrolled for CuraDebt’s debt management services. No payments are made until the client accepts the resolution. There are no installment or administrative fees.

    Are There Any Up-Front Fees?

    They currently have no up-front fees.

    Can I Get A Free Consultation?

    Curadebt offers a free debt consultation over the phone or they can give you basic advice by just filling out the form on their site. If you fill out the form, you’re not committing to anything binding, you’re simply giving them permission to counsel with you about your debt.

    Does CuraDebt Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

    The company will refund you if the debt management amount plus fees paid are in excess of the original debt. You can cancel debt services at any time since you aren’t charged until a debt resolution agreement is reached.

    How much debt do I need to enroll in this program?

    The minimum amount of debt they service is $5,000.

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