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Since 2008, ClearOne Advantage has managed over $450 million in debt. The company provides a. free debt analysis and provides the following debt resolution services: debt resolution, credit counseling, debt consolidation loan, and bankruptcy.

With the company’s certified agents, you can decide which program is right for you. As with all debt resolution companies, ClearOne does not charge any fees before a debt resolution has been reached.


Industry Size and Experience

ClearOne Advantage is a large company of over 200 people (bigger in comparison to others) and is certified with all major national debt resolution organizations. Company executives have years of entrepreneurial and financial experience. The company also has accreditations with the AFCC, IAPDA, and the Better Business Bureau.

Based on years of experience, ClearOne suggests that their customers do not speak with creditors (credit card companies) on their own, and states that once creditors know how to reach you, they will insist on speaking directly with you instead of a third party.

Direct contact or payments with creditors can result in botched negotiations because creditors will use what you say against you before reaching a resolution.

Because ClearOne Advantage has worked with major credit card companies and other popular creditors, company employees will resolve their client’s debt based on the creditor. Some credit card companies respond best when negotiations are quick, and some respond better after more time passes.

A client’s first resolution is based on this experience.

Satisfaction Guarantee

ClearOne Advantage’s debt resolution plan includes a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with their services.

If you do not save any money with your first debt resolution, you can get a refund of all the resolution fees you paid.

On its website, the company says that after a client’s accounts are delinquent, they reach the first resolution in 3 to 4 months. There are no fees until after a resolution has ben arranged (not just paid).

ClearOne Debt Resolution Reviews

Overall, there are mostly positive reviews of ClearOne Advantage on BestCompany.com. The number one praise of ClearOne is their customer service: excellent assistance, great staff, knowledgable negotiators.

Clients can call customer service from 9AM to 9PM EST. Most people are happy with the company’s resolution plan. According to customers, accounts are resolve to their satisfaction.


ClearOne Advantage Reviews

In 2019, 100% of the customers who left reviews for ClearOne Advantage on our site have rated the company negatively. The biggest complaints about ClearOne Advantage have been related to the creditors they deal with: not being honest with customers about the resolution they work out with creditors and people being sued / taken to court by creditors.

Negative reviews also mention the fees and not being able to cancel their accounts.

Potentially High Prices

ClearOne Advantage charges fees of about 25% of the debt you enroll, slightly higher than other debt resolution services. There is not a “monthly payment” made to the company.

Instead, clients make a monthly payment to themselves and then use that money to pay back credit card companies and other debtors. An example of your total payment may look like this:

  • Enrolled debt: $40k
  • Resolution: $20k
  • Fees: $10k
  • Total amount paid: $30k

Limited Availability

The biggest downside to ClearOne Advantage is that their debt resolution service is only available in 22/50 U.S. states: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, IA, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MO, NE, NC, NM, NY, OK, PA, TX, VA.

High Minimum Debt Requirement

To work with ClearOne Advantage, you must be in debt at least $10,000. This is slightly higher than other debt resolution companies.

Credit Impact

For those who choose debt resolution over debt consolidation, their credit will be affected (whither with a company or DIY). Even with ClearOne Advantage’s “Free Debt Analysis”, the company will do a hard pull on your credit report. As debts become delinquent, fees will accumulate and payments are missed. This will always have a negative impact on a credit score. Debt resolution is often an alternative to bankruptcy, but those who can take a consolidation loan will have a better time maintaining or raising their credit score.

Our Recommendation

ClearOne Advantage does not charge any upfront fees and provides debt resolution services, credit counseling services, debt consolidation loan services, and bankruptcy services.

They cannot help with federal student loans. Additionally, ClearOne Advantage has accreditations with the AFCC, IAPDA, and the Better Business Bureau.

However, the company does have a high minimum debt requirement, limited state availability, and some customers have complained about the company’s debt negotiation tactics and high fees.

So, is ClearOne Advantage legit? We have real consumer reviews that show they are. If you are interested in ClearOne Advantage services, we recommend that you conduct your own personal debt management plan research and read several ClearOne Advantage reviews in order to see if ClearOne Advantage is the right debt resolution company for you.

And remember that all resolution companies will have an equally negative impact on your credit.

We also recommend checking out Freedom Debt Relief as you conduct your research on the best debt management company for you.

Debt Services & Education

ClearOne Advantage’s goal is to assist in developing a debt resolution plan that is both cost and time-efficient.

Qualifiers for the Debt Resolution Program are usually people who are struggling to keep up with monthly payments due to a financial hardship such as unemployment or injury.

Once you have been accepted into the debt resolution program, a global trust fund is set up in your name. You will be able to determine an affordable monthly payment which is sent to this trust fund for safe keeping while you accumulate adequate funds to resolve your debt.

Upon enrollment, ClearOne Advantage will begin debt negotiation with creditors to obtain debt resolutions for less than the full balance originally owed. If the company manages to negotiate a more favorable resolution or if you have accumulated enough funds to pay off a certain debt, money will be taken from the trust fund with your approval.

This process is repeated until the program is complete. According to the website, the average program length is typically 2-3 years before the customer is able to pay off all debt obligations.

The company website has an education page dedicated to providing useful information regarding home refinancing, working with lenders, consumer credit counseling, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, how debt resolution can affect your credit, and the downfalls of paying monthly, minimum payments.

In addition, there are tools such as articles, resolution letters, and an FAQ page for potential customers. Customers can also utilize the Knowledge Base which displays answers to several types of debt questions asked by customers. This feature also allows you to ask a specific debt management question if desired.

There is also an informational blog that explains the benefits of hiring a debt resolution company ( aka what debt resolution offers). It also covers certain characteristics to look for when determining which company is right for you.

There are also tips for establishing good financial habits which allows customers to remain debt-free after the debt resolution plan is complete.

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