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Posted By:  |  June 30, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

You probably realize that collection agents will explore all available resources when attempting to track down delinquent individuals. Hopefully, this is not a process that you frequently have to endure, […]

Posted By:  |  June 21, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

When we were children, we believed a number of tall tales and myths which eventually proved to be ridiculous and untrue. The concept of magical realism is not lost on […]

Posted By:  |  June 15, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

Generally speaking, you would expect that any decision handed down as part of a legal judgment or settlement applies to everything on paper. After all, receiving defined parameters regarding your […]

Posted By:  |  June 8, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

If there was a way for you to avoid filing and paying taxes or interacting with the IRS, it’s fair to say you’d want to know all about it. Unfortunately, […]

Posted By:  |  June 2, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

  Questioning everything you’re told is a good policy for most encounters you’re likely to have during your lifetime. Adopting an inquisitive nature can help ensure that you face potential […]

Posted By:  |  May 25, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

You’ve felt it at one time or another; that sinking feeling that something just isn’t right with your taxes and you’re going to hear from the IRS any day. The […]

Posted By:  |  May 23, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

Regardless of how much money you’re earning each year, you no doubt want to keep every dollar you can. This can be a challenge in itself, as you weigh a […]

Posted By:  |  May 12, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

It’s not uncommon to keep some questions to yourself, even important ones. Whether you’re attempting to avoid certain topics or uneasy about hearing grim answers, you may choose to put […]

Posted By:  |  May 6, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

  Obviously, any crime you might perpetrate entails a certain degree of risk. Hopefully, you’ll never consider crossing over any legal boundaries. If you do, though, don’t forget about the […]

Posted By:  |  April 27, 2016  |  0 Comment(s)

  There are times when requesting an extension to file your taxes is unavoidable. Taking this step is certainly better than letting the filing deadline pass with indifference. Getting a […]


  • How important is it to you for a debt consolidation company to offer financial education resources?
  • Takes your existing debt and try to settle with your creditors for a lower amount. If you pay off the settled amount, your debt will be considered paid in full.
  • Negotiates with your creditors on your behalf.
  • Fee based on a percentage of your total starting debt or a percentage of the debt they save you.
  • Most settlement companies have you create a separate "escrow" account where you will make monthly contributions over a certain amount of time to contribute to your settlement. Once there is a substantial amount of funds to show your creditors, the settlement company will try to negotiate a lower amount of debt.
  • Combines all your debts and creditors into one monthly payment.
  • Allows you to pay one monthly payment to the consolidation company, instead of multiple payments to different creditors.
  • You no longer owe your original creditors; instead you pay one monthly payment to your consolidation company.
  • Consolidation companies can help negotiate lower interest rates on your debts and help lower your total debt payment in the long run. A lower interest rate will lower the amount you owe in the end.
  • Allows you to consolidate all your different debts into one personal loan that can be paid off over time.
  • Can offer borrowers a lower interest rate with a longer payback term (compared to high-interest credit cards or medical bills). This will lower the amount of money required to pay off the loan over time.
  • Personal loan debt consolidation can be an effective way to raise your credit score quickly (within 3-6 months).
  • Borrowers can receive funds from their loan within only a few days.

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