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Avoiding an Unsound Tax Solution

Posted By:  |  October 13, 2015  |  0 Comment(s)

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There are plenty of times when you need to look for professional assistance. Whether you’re putting a new roof on your house or you’re in need of a root canal, handling the problem alone is seldom an option. This may be true of an IRS issue as well, depending on the severity of what you’re facing. If you’ve decided that a tax professional is essential to your success, you next have to determine where to find help.

Much like any home maintenance or medical issue you’d have to address, finding the right solution vis-a-vis tax concerns comes down to who you choose. And just like any other industry, tax resolution has companies you can trust and some to be avoided. But how do you know the difference? Prepare yourself for a little research and keep in mind some critical tell-tale signs.

Shaky Solutions

A tax solution should attend to your specific problem in a realistic, affordable and legal way. Tax resolution companies specialize in just that; determining how to handle your tax issue with the correct formal resolution. While many legitimate organizations exist to assist you the right way, some offer solutions that are definitely not to your advantage. For instance, if you find a company advertising penny-on-the-dollar solutions, keep looking.
Regardless of what you may be told, your tax debt cannot simply be eliminated. While you might be eligible for a settlement offer, allowing you to pay a reduced amount to satisfy your liability, these can be difficult to qualify for. A reputable tax professional will not promise unrealistic solutions or offer to exploit IRS “loopholes” to correct your problem. Anyone worth trusting will explain what proper legal recourse you have to address the tax issue in question.

Who to Trust

Since you’re relying on a “professional”, how do you know who you can ultimately trust? This is where research becomes critical. A reputable tax resolution company or individual should have at least five years’ experience in an area specific to your issue. Additionally, a trusted tax pro will have online reviews from previous clients. As you conduct your due diligence, it’s important to pay close attention to what these reviews have to say. Are you seeing a pattern of satisfied clients who have been provided affordable, final tax solutions? Although not every review will necessarily be glowing, are the vast majority happy with how their problems have been handled?

Terms and Conditions Matter

When you’re talking to someone who can’t be trusted, the language they use can quickly give them away. This is applicable when discussing your IRS issue with a tax consultant, who may offer some alarming responses. First, if you’ve accepted a tax consultation, this should be at no charge to you. Further, you should be provided with a proposed tax resolution without an obligation to commit to any services. If your consultant begins insisting that you pay for your resolution before work has even begun on your case, you’re dealing with the wrong company.

Also, any price quote should include the full range of services necessary to complete your tax case. In other words, you should not be asked for an additional sum of money a week or month into the solution because of newly-discovered tax issues. A reliable tax professional will thoroughly investigate your status with the IRS and assess any existing tax problem before getting started. This way, you have the peace of mind in knowing any outstanding issues and that the intended solution will resolve them all at once. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what the terms of your solution entail before moving forward with any tax professional. Once you know the details of your tax resolution and your responsibilities, you can sit back and let your tax pro do what they do best.


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