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Easy Ways to Avoid Debt Stress and Stay Positive

Posted By:  |  March 11, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)


Life is filled with many different sources of stress, from the minor things that come up during the day-to-day grind to the more major obstacles that can appear when least expected. One source of stress that can do the most damage to both your immediate and long-term quality of life involves the anxiety and worry that comes from having too much debt. Chronic stress over debt issues is common for anyone facing financial turbulence in their life, whether young or old, rich or poor. There are, however, certain steps you can take to help put your mind at ease as you try to face your money problems and get your life back on track.

Come Up With a Concrete Repayment Plan

One of the easiest ways to significantly reduce any sort of debt stress is to establish a clear plan that you can operate from in order to manage the debt you have. The best way to do this would be to set up an appointment with a financial planner. This way, they can sit down with you, assess your situation, crunch all the numbers, and then provide a clear breakdown as to how you can go about paying down your debt each month in small but manageable increments. It won’t be an immediate fix to your financial problems, but the difference such a plan can make to your daily stress and anxiety levels will be substantial. You can know in your mind that you’re now taking small but important steps toward a future in which your debt problems will no longer exist.

Budget to Avoid Adding to Your Debt

If you’re already stressing out over your current levels of debt, amplifying that issue with additional spending and increased debt will only push you further toward your breaking point. An important step to take when dealing with a worrisome financial situation is to do whatever you can to prevent it from getting any worse. Budgeting is your best option here, as it will allow you to grab direct control over your expenses and know with certainty how much money you have to work with each month. It brings with it a degree of certainty into your life, which can help alleviate the uncertainty brought on by the debt you have already incurred thus far.

Take Care of Your Physical Well Being

Just because you have debt problems doesn’t mean you should allow your health to take a hit. In fact, when it comes to managing stress, maintaining a good diet and exercise routine can significantly combat even the biggest of financial burdens. Whenever these concerns start to get the better of you, force yourself to step away from the bills/computer screen and head outside for something as simple as a walk or run. This will get your blood pumping and your brain producing the endorphins that can help clear away the most deeply rooted stress within you. Combining such exercise with a nutritious diet and plenty of sleep should establish an immediate difference in your overall state of mind, allowing you to remain calm, even in the face of financial hardship.

Debt can be a major factor in adding untold amounts of stress to your life, but you don’t have to sit by and allow it to do so. Taking active steps, like coming up with a repayment plan, budgeting, and maintaining your physical health, will help you to remain in control of your life and prevent your financial problems from consuming you entirely. There might be a long road ahead to becoming completely debt free, but taking measures along the way to alleviate some of the burden will do wonders for your personal well being and happiness.


  • How important is it to you for a debt consolidation company to offer financial education resources?
  • Takes your existing debt and try to settle with your creditors for a lower amount. If you pay off the settled amount, your debt will be considered paid in full.
  • Negotiates with your creditors on your behalf.
  • Fee based on a percentage of your total starting debt or a percentage of the debt they save you.
  • Most settlement companies have you create a separate "escrow" account where you will make monthly contributions over a certain amount of time to contribute to your settlement. Once there is a substantial amount of funds to show your creditors, the settlement company will try to negotiate a lower amount of debt.
  • Combines all your debts and creditors into one monthly payment.
  • Allows you to pay one monthly payment to the consolidation company, instead of multiple payments to different creditors.
  • You no longer owe your original creditors; instead you pay one monthly payment to your consolidation company.
  • Consolidation companies can help negotiate lower interest rates on your debts and help lower your total debt payment in the long run. A lower interest rate will lower the amount you owe in the end.
  • Allows you to consolidate all your different debts into one personal loan that can be paid off over time.
  • Can offer borrowers a lower interest rate with a longer payback term (compared to high-interest credit cards or medical bills). This will lower the amount of money required to pay off the loan over time.
  • Personal loan debt consolidation can be an effective way to raise your credit score quickly (within 3-6 months).
  • Borrowers can receive funds from their loan within only a few days.

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