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Birthday on a Budget: Surprise a Loved One Without Spending Big

Posted By:  |  October 22, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)

Birthday Gift Ideas

Honoring a loved one on their special day provides yet another chance to say, “I love you.” Fortunately, people working toward reducing their debt loads will be able to do something wonderful for their loved one without becoming loaded down with more debt. This article will provide some suggestions to help people make the most of a birthday on a budget.

Try a Classic: Breakfast in Bed

Some folks are used to slaving away in the kitchen to make sure their families are well fed and well nourished. So how about turning the tables, so to speak, and bringing your them breakfast in bed on their special day? Nothing will warm their heart more than being served a hearty breakfast that is prepared and served by someone they love.

Dining Out On the Cheap

Many eateries offer special promotions on for someone with a birthday, which means that you can take out them out without having to pay more than you can actually afford. Call around or check out the Internet for eateries offering discounts and enjoy a meal that will allow them to be served at a great price.

Flowers Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Usually flowers are for women, but there might be some guys out there that like them as well. Who doesn’t love a bouquet of flowers? ;) If you look around, you should be able to find reasonably priced options that will help you surprise your loved one without having to spend big bucks. Another idea, which would be even cheaper than a bouquet, is to buy packs of flower seeds and to set a date to help them plant the flowers in the garden or the yard somewhere. Going this route will allow you to spend some together time, and the flowers in the garden will last a lot longer than the flowers in a bouquet.

A Basket of Goodies That They’ll Actually Use

Dollar stores have come a long way from the days when the shelves were filled with junk….and little else. For a cheap gift that someone is sure to love, go to a dollar store, and buy a small basket and stuff to fill it with. This way, you can find inexpensive skin care products, hair products, makeup, and other things that will make life easier for them. Filling the baskets with sweet treats is another idea. The best thing about going this route is that it definitely won’t break the bank.

Give Them Some “Me Time”

Wellness centers all over the place offer services such as massages, spa treatments, manicures, and pedicures. Look for centers that sell gift certificates, or use Groupon, and buy them some potentially much-needed “me time”. You don’t have to destroy your budget to get the gift certificates; just spend the amount that you can actually afford.

Bake a Cake and Eat It Too

Buying the ingredients for a cake won’t cost much, but a perfectly executed baked delicacy will pack quite the punch. Consider showing them how much their efforts are appreciated by baking them a nice cake that they can enjoy with those they loves most.

Birthdays can be a very special occasion for some individuals. Don’t let your debt hinder you from making it a special occasion. Homemade gifts, that don’t cost much (or anything at all) can be incredibly meaningful and could make someone’s day.


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