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Debt Relief Network

14 Years in Business, A+ BBB Rating

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Debt Relief Network is a San Diego-based debt relief company founded in 2001. They have an A+ rating with the BBB. The settlement professionals at DRN work to provide debt relief quickly and efficiently.

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The Good

Debt Relief Network charges a 20% flat fee of the total amount of debt enrolled, but they won’t accept a payment until debts are settled.

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Debt Relief Network

BDC Rank Price (% of debt) Time in Business Our Score
20% 14 Years
Avg. 21.5% 13 Years
Avg. 22% 17 Years
$5 - $49 14 Years

Customers can cancel service at any time and won’t lose any money because your funds are in a settlement account that’s in their name. Other highlights of Debt Relief Network include:

  • Low minimum debt of $5,000
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 14 years in business

The Bad

Debt Relief Network offers a live chat feature for customers who don’t want to call, but it is offline frequently. They don’t have any accreditations with professional associations and lack transparency overall.

The Bottom Line

Debt Relief Network has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business for 14 years. They also offer flat percentage fee when it comes to pricing. We recommend giving Debt Relief Network a call to see if they can help your specific settlement situation.


Debt Relief Network charges 20% of the original balance you enroll in their settlement program. As with other debt settlement programs, this fee will come out of the savings you accumulate in a third party savings account. Meanwhile, your negotiators will work with creditors to settle a customers’ debts for a portion of the original balances. Debt Relief Network will only collect payment for its services after debts have been successfully settled.

Up-Front Fees


Free Consultation

Yes, they offer a free consultation. Here’s a good thing to keep in mind: there is no reason why customers should be charged for a consultation concerning their debts and potential solutions, and a free, no-obligation consultation has become an expectation for most debt relief companies. Customers should think twice before paying for a consultation when they can get it for free.

Time in Business

14 Years. Debt Relief Network was founded in 2001, making it one of the longer-standing businesses in the industry. The longevity of the business is a testament to its dependability in an industry that is becoming more and more crowded. While some newer companies may also be effective and reliable, experience is always a plus when it comes to debt negotiation and settlement.


They have an A+ rating with the BBB. This San Diego-based company scored high marks with the Better Business Bureau based on a number of factors: the length of time the business has been operating, the small volume of complaints filed for a business of its size, and the actions taken to respond to those complaints. Additionally, Debt Relief Network has provided sufficient information about its origins and operations—a good sign for clients trying to avoid shady organizations that aren’t as forthcoming with such details.

Debt Education

The company website provides helpful explanations of different debt relief options, including settlement, the service they offer, and also other courses of actions. This is consistent with their promise not to push their services on anyone. They offer articles about the benefits of bankruptcy, settlement, consolidation, and tax relief services. They also offer anyone access to a free debt relief guide e-book, “5 Ways to Get Out of Debt.” Debt Relief Network doesn’t feature the debt calculators and other tools that some other companies do, which are useful for customers wanting to play around with numbers as they determine their own unique debt relief course.

Money-Back Guarantee

Yes. The Debt Relief Network fee structure is laid out such that they only get paid on the debts they successfully settle, which are all approved by the customer. If the customer has debts that they are unable to settle, the savings that they’ve accumulated are theirs to keep.

Unsecured vs. Secured Loans

Debt Relief Network works with unsecured debts only, as those are far more negotiable than are secured debts. Credit card debt, an example of unsecured debt, can often be settled by a company skilled in negotiation, whereas debt from a mortgage or automobile loan—examples of secured debt—can be resolved simply by taking the collateral away from the debtor.

Mobile Friendly

Yes. They have a mobile friendly website. Individuals looking for information about the company on a mobile phone. or a tablet, should expect a user-friendly experience.

Cancellation Policy

Clients working with Debt Relief Network may cancel at any time without a penalty. Of course, debtors are then left to their own devices to conquer remaining debts, but it’s good that customers can enter into a relationship with the company knowing that they can back out if that’s what they decide. It’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions before deciding on a debt relief program.

Contact Information



4445 Eastgate Mall #200 Sungate Corporate Centre

San Diego, CA 92121

Services Available

Debt Relief Network offers debt settlement. Here’s how it works: a certified agent will examine your financial situation and budget to create a savings plan. Each month you make a payment from your checking account to a debt settlement savings account. While the money accumulates (the faster the better!), negotiators work with your creditors to arrange a reduced settlement on your credit accounts. Though settlement is the only debt relief service Debt Relief Network offers, they can point you towards other resources as needed. They also have resources to help repair inaccuracies on your credit report by finding them and challenging them on your behalf.

Minimum Debt Accepted

$5,000. Debt Relief Network accepts unsecured debts of at least $5,000—good news for debtors who don’t qualify for debt settlement programs with a higher minimum. Qualifying customers can be assured that they will receive help from experienced professionals because their relief matters, whether it’s $5,000 of debt or $15,000.

Online Dashboard

No, all that is offered to clients is the account information for their trust account. A more robust online dashboard would benefit customers.

AFCC Accreditation

No, Debt Relief Network does not have an AFCC or IAPDA accreditation.

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